This is the PDF of 2017- Cruise to Canada & Maine :
台大早期校友會 reunion PDF 存檔
Dear All:
I am happy that the NTUG-2017 Reunion Cruise has completed smoothly and successfully. I hope all attendees enjoyed the cruise as much as I did and returned home happy. The renewed friendships and warm memories of the reunion will remain with us for years to come.
I want to thank the Chinese Opera Team for working very hard to put out an excellent performance. We had a rare opportunity to see a show that was unsurpassed in content and style outside of China.
Chiu Hong-Yee made a superb presentation on China's recent monumental accomplishment - "Sky Eye". Among the knowledge we gained, he introduced us to see how technology could be utilized to focus the far away signals.
Ruby Tsao, et al, announced the publication of their "5000 years of Chinese History and Culture", an ambitious book aimed at helping foreigners to understand China better, and explains why China's rise on the international scene is not a threat to anyone.
I am happy to report that NTUG has found an able and motivated younger member, Samson Luk, who is willing and ready to carry the baton and move NTUG forward. We look to the future of NTUG with full confidence and great enthusiasm. NTUG will continue to exist and remains forever young.
Warm Regards,
Hank H. Lo
NTUG -2017 Reunion Chair
Chem Eng. 1959
We had 83 attendees this year to come to the cruise for Taida reunion in 2017 including 30+ members of the opera group. We had attended the same cruise in 2007 when Chairman Mao 茅承厚 hosted Taida reunion. Those of us from the West coast lost 3 hours of travel time requiring an overnight stay in a hotel which discouraged attendance. And most of us in retirement have moved to the West coast to be near children in high tech industries. This demographic shift did not favor the East coast location in spite of efforts of reunion host Hank Lo. Some highlights:
MANHATTAN--We got on the ship NORWEGIAN GEM in Manhattan near the new World Trade Center. A friend showed me some pictures of the World Trade Center tour which included a memorial and a museum.
HALIFAX is the capital of Nova Scotia with a population of 400,000. This city was the gateway for immigrants from Ireland and Scotland to Canada, the equivalent of the Ellis Island in the US. It is actually closer to Ireland than Vancouver in distance. Attractions include a museum of the Titanic which sunk near Halifax, and Peggy’s Cove and the light house.
SAINT JOHN, NEW BRUNSWICK—is a port city of 67,000. Some people went to see the high waves at the Bay of Bundy.
PORTLAND is the capital of Maine with a population of about 70,000. But the Greater Portland area has almost half a million people which is 1/3 of the total population of Maine. It was named after an English city; and Portland, Oregon was named after Portland, Maine. Kennebunkport nearby became famous as President Bush’s family retreat.
ROCKLAND, MAINE—Population, 7300, is the departure point of Maine’s state ferry service. The main industries are shipbuilding and lime production for cement. We took the ship’s tender (lifeboat) to town as the big ship could not dock in shallow waters. There is a park with a monument to honor Civil War soldiers. The Farnsworth Museum features Andrew Wyeth and other New England artists. The Lobster Festival is in the month of August. The attached photo is a house on sea connected to land by a long road.
New England cities generally have a historic ambiance. The ports had similar features of harbors and lighthouses. We actually had panoramic views of the harbor with the light house, and a distant view of the city with church steeples from deck 12 of the ship.
Many of us have been to the same cruises multiple times. Shore visits are not important any more. We look at cruises as floating hotels to meet with old friends with room and board, transportation, meeting rooms and entertainment provided in one low price. For reunions on land, we had only two days. The first day, a welcome party; and the next day, a farewell party. It’s time to say goodbye before we say hello. Originally, Las Vegas was chosen for 2017 reunion. An attractive room rate was quoted. Upon in-depth inquiries, everything else cost an arm and a leg: meeting rooms, banquets, audio visual equipment, buses…etc. Soon we ran out of arms and legs. So we gave up.
On the last day at sea, we had a short meeting to announce that Samson Luk 陆秦生, a leader from Washington, DC area (class of 1972) will be the host for the 2018 reunion. He was the leader of the opera group. Hong-Yee Chiu gave a talk on China’s new SKY EYE. Ruby Tsao introduced the book “China in 5000 Years”. Some friends are buying it for the ABCs in their families. We had 2 hours left for opera performances. Opera members had been rehearsing everyday on the ship for this occasion. They had a 7 member instrument section accompanying the singers. Lyrics were displayed on a large screen. The performance of instruments and singers were excellent, and the professional singers were especially outstanding.
The Lo family had 12 people to come to the cruise: Bob, Ruby, Hank, Yueh Hsin, Ken, Chantal -- five siblings and one niece and their spouses. The Lo family dominated the karaoke bar. Three brothers each sang 2 songs while George and I danced. Ken promised to practice singing for the Lo Brothers’ Quartet next year. Bob had the foresight to order a professional portrait of the Lo family taken so we each had an 8X10 photo to take home.
The opera group arranged a photo taken on the stairs at the lobby. Chairman Mao used to be the reunion photographer. Now he is tired and retired; now his camera is for the birds
We look forward to seeing everybody in 2018. As we get older, reunions with family and friends become more precious. We count our blessings that we can make it to the next one.
Info on Norwegian Gem
Please see information attached. Thanks to Jennifer Chang for compiling the useful notes.
2017 NTUG reunion - Booking Form etc.
< Group Cabin Fares & Inventory for NTUEG >
Inside cabin starts from: $849..........per person included all taxes ( room size 143sq for deck 4,5,8,9,10,11 )
Gategory: IC,ID & IF for total 50 cabins
Port-hole or obstructive outside cabin: $1049..........per person with all taxes ( room size 161sq for deck 4.5.8 )
Gategory: OK total 20 cabins
Picture-window outside cabin: $1099...........per person with all taxes ( room size 161sq on deck 5 )
Group hold category OB, OC 12 cabins
Standard balcony cabin: $1429........per person with all taxes ( room size 162sq plus verandah 38sq on deck 8, 10 )
Group hold category BB, BD 15 cabins
*** Above fares reflect $20 discount per person for all group members.
*** Above fares include $220 port charges & $219.81 government tax already
*** Some lower individual fares may combine with group but not for categories IX, OX BX
*** Some individual pick promo are not combined with group.
*** No past guest , senior, resident or AARP discount applicable to this sailing.
< Group Amenities only for NTUEG members >
1. Free cabin service charges for $13.50x7(night)=$94.50 per person saving, No tipping inquires.
2. Bonus Amenity: If book by 4/25, all members are eligible to pick one more item for B, I, D, O ( see listed in below )
3. Every 7 cabins sailed may earn $450 ( T/C based on 1 free cruise net net for every 7 cabins )
4. Guarantee group dinning time & space plus group meetings on board free of charges.
< bonus amenity list >
B-Ultimate Beverage Package* - 1st and 2nd guests only
I-Internet Package - per cabin 250 minutes
D-Dining Package - 1st and 2nd guests only
O-$75 On Board Credit - per cabin
< Payment schedule >
1. $500 per cabin deposit inquires at the time of booking.
2. Final payment due date: 6/30/2017. All members reserve the right to cancel it before 6/30 to get the deposit 100% refundable.
3. Group deposit $11,000 before 4/25 to secure the fare and space. The best way to save this group deal is have group members to book and pay deposit by 4/25.
< Transfer Info & flight guide lines >
NCL transfer service: only for La Guardia Airport $40 per person per way.
Flight guideline: before 1pm on 10/14 & no earlier than 1pm on 10/21.
Attachments for cruise Chinese itinerary, ultimate beverage description, Latitude member benefit, ship details and booking register form.
93,530 Tons/ Built in 2007, R2015
< Halifax, NS, Canada > Language: English Currency: Canadian dollar (CAD)
This city's seafaring roots run deep. Displays at the Maritime Museum include models of vessels and a Titanic exhibit. Excursions visit the Citadel National Historic Park, the Nova Scotia Museum, St. Paul's Anglican Church and the Historic Properties. Many tourists make the short trip to the Bay of Fundy or Peggy's Cove.
< Saint John, NB, Canada > Language: English Currency: Canadian dollar (CAD)
Saint John is located in the southern portion of this Canadian coastal province, where the Saint John River meets the Bay of Fundy. Historically, the city has been a hub of commercial port activity, and attractions like Old City Market, Market Square and an abundance of museums pay tribute to that tradition. The outstanding New Brunswick Museum is the oldest continuously operating museum in Canada. Rockwood Park, in the heart of the city, houses a zoo, a golf course, freshwater lakes and hiking trails. Look for the famous Reversing Falls, a phenomenon caused by the enormous rise and fall of the tides in the Bay of Fundy.
< Bar Harbor, ME > Language: English Currency: US dollar (US$)
Bar Harbor sits on Mount Desert Island, just off the rugged coast of Maine. It is surrounded by Acadia National Park, where beaches, forests and granite cliffs make up some of the country's most beautiful scenery. Visitors can cruise Frenchman's Bay, join a whale-watching adventure or enjoy a New England lobster bake. In town, there are shops, museums and art galleries to explore.
< Portland, ME > Language: English Currency: US dollar (US$)
Portland offers eclectic sights and soothing sounds. It has all the amenities of the big city, including an active arts district, museums, a vital waterfront and diverse shopping opportunities. Or explore the cozier side of Maine life with a walk through the woods, a canoe ride or skiing on some of the best mountains in New England. The booking form is a Microsoft word file. We recommend that you fill it on-line. Save it in your computer then eMail it to Jennifer as an attachment.
Jennifer Chang
Head of San Diego Cruise Center
America Asia Travel Center, Inc.
張詠慈 聖地牙哥分公司及遊輪中心負責人
(619) 400-4827 (office)
(310) 561-6657 (cellular)
San Diego Cruise Center
501 W. Broadway #857
San Diego, CA 92101
WeChat: JenniferCh0721
Line: 3105616657
QQ: 2963929981
2017 NTUG reunion
Dear NTU Alumni and Friends:
At long last we are ready to welcome you all to join our NTUG 2017 Reunion. The Reunion will be held in a beautiful cruise to the U.S. Northeast Coast and Canada on a NCL Gem. The path to reach this decision has not been straightforward. We started out with Las Vegas in mind. But we soon found out that the profit oriented LV commercial establishment was not suitable for our type of activity. It would have been costly and short on return. We would be saying hello on day one and saying goodbye the next. Then everyone would go separate ways. When we first proposed this idea, some members asked: where was the reunion? That question triggered our soul searching and eventually forced us to admit mistake and dropped the idea. After much search and discussion, this cruise gradually emerged clearly as the venue of choice for our reunion. So here it is: The NTUG 2017 Reunion Cruise to U.S. Northeast Coast and Canada. We call it the beautiful foliage cruise for the right time and at the right place.
We have changed our group name from NTUEG to NTUG. We deliberately remove the borderline to embrace broader participation of all alumni. We want younger generations of NTU graduates to join us. We want to inject new blood to NTUG because we want to keep it forever young.
We are fortunate to be working with an able travel agent, Jennifer Chang, with whom we have many years of experience. She will mange the details of our cruise and will ensure that we will get the best value for our investment.
We want everyone coming to this cruise to have a good time and will enjoy the reunion greatly. They will go home happy and remember this cruise for a long time to come. That is our mission statement
We look forward to this reunion with great excitement and much enthusiasm. We hope you do too.
See you all on the cruise ship NCL Gem.
There will be several additional eMails coming your way with detailed itinerary, registration form, cabin pricing information, description about the ship. If you do not receive them timely or if you have additional questions, please contact the hosting chair, Hank Lo ( or our travel agent JENNIFER YT Chang (
Hank Lo, Ch E 1959
Your NTUG 2017 Reunion Host
NTUEG is becoming NTUG and 2017 reunion
NTUEG name is being changed to NTUG in order to embrace a broader spectrum of participants. The new name stands for National Taiwan University Graduates. The contact person is
George T. Tsao (ChE 1953, 曹祖寧)
The 2017 reunion, originally planned for Las Vegas is being revised to a cruise. The hosting chair is still
羅漢新 Hank Lo (ChE 59)
Details will be forthcoming.
The annual reunion is under the hosting chair of Hank Lo 羅漢新 Hank Lo (ChE 59). Most likely it would be held in Las Vegas. We shall bring you more exciting details as the plan develops.
The reunion will take place in Las Vegas on October 10 and 11 (Tue & Wed). The hotel selection has not yet been made.
Your hosting chair: Hank Lo.