Guidelines for Taiwan University Early Graduates Association

PREAMBLE: The National Taiwan University Early Graduates Reunion, NTUEG, has been going on for more than two decades. To avoid some possible future liability and misuse of the group resources, there have been discussions of forming an organization, with properly drawn by-laws. Before such an organization is deemed necessary and institutionalized, the following articles are proposed to serve as guidelines for future operation.

Name: The name of this group shall be Taiwan University Early Graduates Association.

Membership: All past graduates or attendants of National Taiwan University about forty years or earlier from current year, and current or former faculty members of Taiwan University and their spouse interested in participating in the reunion activities, are regular members.

A member’s children, parents, and friends recommended by a member may become an associate member by participating in the reunion, without voting rights.

Purpose: The purpose of NTUEG is to renew and cultivate friendship among its members and to promote general well being of its member by participating in the reunion. It shall be a non-political, no-for-profit, non-sectarian organization. It shall not have any collective interest in the politics of China or USA, or any other countries.

Organization: There shall be no chief executive officers. But there shall be a hosting chairperson for the current reunion, a standing committee, and a permanent recording officer.

One Hosting Chairperson is elected for each annual reunion. He/she shall then recruit member for his/her local committee to handle all the preparatory work for the reunion. For long term planning, the upcoming two future hosting chairpersons shall be elected as well.

The Standing Committee is composed of host chairs of five immediate past reunions, plus the current and the upcoming chairs. This Committee, on account of their experience and wisdom, shall provide advice, guidance, and coordination on matters relating to the running and organization of the reunions, to maintain the bank account of accumulated surplus fund.

The Recording Officer is in charge of maintaining the records, files, and address data base for the planning of current and upcoming reunion. This officer shall be elected by the Standing Committee, renewable each year, but with no limit of terms.

Compensation and Liabilities: The chairs and members of the hosting committee, and the standing committee members, and the permanent recording officer perform their duties on voluntary basis, and shall receive no compensation from the NTUEG.

Obligations: The Standing Committee and the Recording Office shall not obligate NTUEG to any financial and legal contracts, promises or any such dealing. The hosting committee can only enter deals or contracts relating to the preparation of the reunion.

Liability: The members of the group, individually or collectively, assume no responsibility nor liability for any injury, damage, or loss incurred by the participants while engaging in the activities organized by the group. Each member agrees to waiver any claim for compensation against this group.

Expenses: Each participant is responsible for his/her travel, lodging, meals, travel insurance, and other incidental expenses.

Each participant is required to pay a registration fee to defray such cost as mailing; printing of notices; renting of public speaking system; permanent record keeping, etc. Surplus of the registration fee collected must be refunded to participants, or transferred to the group bank account, or handed down to the next reunion officers to defray the cost of initial preparation of the upcoming reunion. The money shall not be dispersed for any other purposes without membership approval.

Expenses for maintaining the records by the Recording Office are to be drawn from the surplus fund account.

In case of deficit, it shall be drawn from the surplus account or collected from each participant of current reunion.

Amendment: These guidelines may be amended by the majority vote of the participating members at the general meeting of the reunion.

Acknowledgement: Chi-Hwa Wu Hsiung volunteered to maintain the permanent record of the group since 1993. Her dedication and superb performance, are greatly appreciated.