Many of us grew up in the age of challenging and difficult times when wars were raging and fear and uncertainties were our constant companion. Looking back now, we survived and the environment have somehow shaped us.

  A couple of alumnus suggested that we ask our school mates of our age bracket to write down our own experience and memories during the great epical period of the World War II and the civil war. Here are some articles which bear witness to that sad, difficult, yet great period of our nation and people, and for our future generations to understand how did we go through that great trying and challenging experience and how did that experience mold our personalities.

  Since the announcement was made several months ago, the response has been enthusiastic. More than 30 articles are included on this web site for your reading enjoyment. As time goes on, additional articles will be added to this web site. Please stay tuned. For communication and feedback, contact

Spread our wings

  We believe there are many of us who have made significant contributions to society. Many have distinguished careers which we all can be proud of. This publication provides a platform for alumni to record achievements and successes in their various endeavors. Some articles also describe our parents, teachers and people who have influenced our lives. Others talk about our children and even grandchildren who have had interactions and mutual influences with us. We meant to share our experiences on how we mix the old with the new, bridge the generation gap, and merge the best qualities from Chinese culture and American values. Hopefully we have recorded first hand experiences in life, in schools, work places; important life events, romances, life-and-death incidents, etc. It is meant to reveal little known facts, adventurous and unique experiences that classmates never knew about and to light up.

George Tsao (挎)
Yiy-Yun Hsu (S)
Chih Shing Hwa (A֮)

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